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Raintree Charolais bred our first purebred cows in 1968, when most Charolais were horned. In 1971 we purchased Mr Camelot Polled and it was onward from there. From the beginning calving ease was priority number one. If a cow or heifer needed help, she and her calf were destined to be hamburger. After we got that right, growth performance became or focus. Our bulls are consistently in the top 10% of the nation wide breed EPD’s for weaning and yearling weights and TSI ( terminal sire index ). Our Bulls have been bred for many generations to make your cows more productive and make you more money. For a visit to our farm in Cabot Arkansas contact Ken Wiesner.

Raintree Charolais consignment to the Arkansas Bull Sale 2017

2 year old Charolais Bulls

RAINTREE King Pecos 212P, Reg. M862890, BOB 3-29-15
BW 84, WW 748, YW 1409, Top 1% of breed EPD’s for Weaning, Yearling & TSI

RAINTREE Musketeer 224P, Reg. RM102333, DOB 7-16-15
BW 68, WW 790, YW 1350, Heifer Bull

RAINTREE Monterey 228P, Reg. M869005, DOB 7-22-15
BW 72, WW 748, YW 1140

RAINTREE Music 227P, Reg. M869004, DOB 8-1-15
BW 70, WW 860, YW 1404, Top 1% of breed for Weaning, Yearling & 2% for TSI

Yearling Charolais Bulls

RAINTREE Noah 232P, Reg. M878406, DOB 3-14-16
BW 73, WW 719, Top 15% Weaning, 5% Yearling, 8% TSI

RAINTREE Oklahoma 233P, Reg. M878407, DOB 3-22-16
BW 80, WW 753, Top 4% Weaning, 5% Yearling, 9% TSI